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From a psychotherapeutic point of view, the new hypnosis, which is founded on a naturalistic idea of the trance state, doesn’t present any longer the hypnotist as an authoritative and charismatic person who artificially applies ritualistic procedures, but, instead, as someone who commits himself to recognize and respect characteristics of his subject. The latter does not assume a passive and submissive role, but he becomes an active protagonist of the inductive process in which he engages. The trance state is a natural and physiologic relational experience, ordinary rather than extraordinary, capable to mobilize skills and resources and to make them usable even when they were apparently inaccessible”. Camillo Loriedo.

The Unconscious, in the Ericksonian conception, is conceived not only as the place where all of past and present life experiences and future expectations are stored together, but also as a space that symbolically contains all the extraordinary abilities that every human being carries within. We can describe the therapeutic work as a space that is collaboratively built by the unconscious of the person who seeks help, by the one of the therapist and by the relationship that exists between them. Therapists aim to let the abilities and resources of those with whom he is working with emerge, so that they can express themselves in a balanced and harmonious way.

"Now, your thoughts can be positive, may be negative, but in any case I want you to feel extremely comfortable in this direct, careful examination of your mind about all these things that are disturbing from an emotional point of view perhaps disturbing in a number of different ways ..."

Milton Erickson


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