After parting from my great love (I thought he was!) I started suffering from continuous colds, coughs and shortness of breath and I even began to think that maybe something was going on in my head.
I went to the hospital and was tested for allergies… results pointed to the usual dust mites… nothing more.
After a couple of years things got worse and any time I had troubles or was in a place where I didn’t want to be, I had serious breathing problems… and my nose was running like a sink. And you have no idea of what happened after my father’s death, I even became allergic to many kinds of food!!
I started to think that my body was sending me messages and when I talked about it with my dentist, who uses hypnosis in his practice, he confirmed that my subconscious was clearly suggesting me something, and then I decided that I had to discover what I should have done to have a normal life, since the last years had been terrible. I couldn’t stay in small, smoky spaces, I stopped seeing many friends because they smoked, I always carried family-size handkerchief packs, breathing became very difficult, I stopped eating pasta, fish and when I did my face covered itself with blisters. At work, my boss kept tormenting me and every time he called me in his office I had asthma attacks followed by bronchitis. In other words: I was a mess.
After a couple of hypnosis sessions I immediately noticed an improvement, with time I even began to feel almost good! The best part came when I attended to the course of hypnosis, there I learned many useful things not only to overcome allergies, but also to face the situations that life presents us… illnesses, deaths, conflicts, separations, abandonments, etc.
When I started the hypnosis course, at first I asked myself what the exercises they proposed us were for… I was quite skeptical…
I even had fun, my colleagues were very cooperative and nice people, in the evening I was exhausted but the day after I was full of positive energies and willing to build a life as I wanted it.
During the week I trained in the morning and in the evening and slowly… I noticed that I was feeling better, I was able to manage my allergy, my asthma attacks became less frequent along with the feelings of uneasiness that caused me continuous colds.
With the second part of the course, I started to feel really well, not only on a physical level but also on a psychological one and today I am more able to manage all the adversities that happen and my body doesn’t send me alerts anymore.
It is important to remember that continuous exercise is fundamental or all the work that is done during the course would be wasted, our mind is wonderful but is also a double edged weapon, we can decide to feel well using self-hypnosis, that in my case has been very useful, it helped me to understand also what kind of life I wanted to have. Constant exercise is so important that, this must not be forgotten, only through it you can manage your subconscious that, if it wants, can be terrible and make your life very hard.
It is however very reassuring to know that there are techniques that allow us to improve our life’s quality.
In a couple of years I changed almost everything, I left a job that I didn’t like, I moved from the city to the countryside, I changed my partner and, despite all the efforts, I am very happy, asthma and allergies are gone and I must say that in all of this I found a way to grow and the consciousness of what I am and what I want; in the end I achieved it thanks to these hypnotic techniques.
That’s all, I am very happy today because I face problems in a different way thanks to the work I have done with 2 wonderful people who taught me a lot.