Aged 32, weighing 91kgs and being 170cm tall I finally decided to look for a solution! Actually it wasn’t my first attempt, I tried everything, including earrings... but I have never obtained long term effects!
A friend, while I was boring her stiff by telling her once again about my problems with weight and relationships (it’s been ages since my last relationship with a guy and even thinking about it makes me feel ashamed), told me that she had read somewhere that some people had succeeded in losing weight without distress and in remaining thin with the aid of hypnosis. Then I started to look for information on the internet, I read a lot of stuff about hypnosis and in the end I decided to go to the Milton Erickson Institute of Turin to find out whether they would have been able to help me.
During the first session we talked a lot about my life and, while I was talking, I realized that I eat a lot and irregularly when I am under stress and that this stress is mostly caused by my job, more specifically by a particular person: a colleague with whom I share the office. I already knew that I didn’t quite like him and that sometimes he made me do part of his work, but I never had such a precise sensation about him and about the fact that his behavior was nagging me and was making me eat the first thing I saw. These things started to come to my mind while I was talking with the therapist in such a natural way that I couldn’t understand why I didn’t think about them before, even memories flowed fluidly right when I needed them. I was so surprised that I started to ask myself why. The therapist smiled and answered that I was using hypnosis. Was I really using hypnosis? But I was just talking to him! That’s when he explained to me what conversational hypnosis was, it was not important whether my eyes were open or closed and speaking to me while I was asleep wasn’t necessary, in this kind of hypnosis we were collaborating in order to make it happen. And it was amusing too!
During the second session we faced the problem directly, also because, in the meantime, Mario, my colleague, started to behave really unpleasantly. The therapist at first suggested me and then helped to change my perception of my colleague to make it different from how it was normally. At the beginning I had some difficulties because it seemed a strange request and also a difficult task to me. In a short while things got better and everything started to flow fluidly. It was a pleasant sensation, so pleasant that the therapist told me that I had to keep it inside me in order to be able to relive it and to feel good any time I wanted, at work for instance. Surprisingly, after the session, I used it so frequently that I started again, after a long time, to go to work serenely, Mario could have done anything and it would have been water on a duck’s back and even my hunger disappeared.
At the third session, a month later, I had lost 6Kgs! And the most beautiful thing was that I knew I could go on because I felt good about myself, I didn’t feel anymore that anxiety that came from knowing that I shouldn’t eat anything in order to follow a diet while reducing my food intake and, above all, I improved its quality (along with the quality of my life). I continued a once a month therapy working with hypnosis in many ways, facing and resolving my anxieties and difficulties.
A little more than a year has passed, I weigh 72 Kg, I am sure that I will keep losing weight and I feel very good in my new clothes (I spent a lot of money), I am in a relationship with a special person.