INSOMNIA AND MENOPAUSE: using self-hypnosis to sleep well once again.

Since menopause I started having problems falling asleep.
I used to go to bed tired and sleepy but I couldn’t fall asleep. I kept tossing and turning in bed, getting more and more nervous, and this way the sleep I yearned for kept drifting away. Because I was quite against the use of pharmaceuticals, I thought that solving this problem with hypnosis would have been the best option.
 I took my time to figure out whether it would have been better to ask for individual counseling or to attend a course to learn self-hypnosis. In the end I thought that a course would have been a good start. During the classes the teachers taught us many things, I learned to recognize some aspects of myself which I never thought about and while I became curious to know something more about this technique, I thought that I could use SELF HYPNOSIS to solve my problem.
 I felt that, through the practice of self-hypnosis, I was entering a new, wonderful world, a world in which I had powerful tools that I could use. I started proactively to train this skill.
I immediately run into a problem: I was unable to finish my self-hypnosis sessions because I kept falling asleep before completing them.
 When, during the course I talked about this problem with Dr. Gava, she answered laughing: “Maybe you already solved your problem!”
As a matter of fact, after that experience I slept well once again.