“The last days of high school, after a long and inconclusive experience of common psychology, I was thinking while I was heading home, that someday I would have shot a short film to explain to others what my eyes and my heart felt and experienced: I imagined colored sequences, in which the streets, walls and objects were unstable and made of soft materials, almost liquid, like quicksand, and made me feel a paralyzing uncertainty. The voices of other people bothered me, scared me, the feeblest sound echoed like a drum in my head.
It was obvious that something, a great illness, stuck to me against my will. I have always been a very strong girl, brave and independent, I used to go around the world without fear. I arrived to the point of being unable to set a foot on a plane, or even in my classroom.
I met Nicoletta Gava when my situation was desperate, but the desire to overcome all of that, or at least to reduce its influence on me, was very strong. It was hard to decide to begin a new therapy, also because I promised to myself that I would have done it on my own. But that was impossible. In a couple of sessions, thanks to Nicoletta Gava, I regained freedom, I once again opened up myself to the world.
I am not saying that she, like as if she used some kind of magic, made my symptoms immediately disappear, but she taught me, and not with words but through an incredible flow of energy that has been able to understand and nurse my most hidden fears (fears that even I wasn’t able to express), how to face those circumstances that until that moment were so disabling for me. Once I unconsciously learned these “methods”, my life and the thoughts that were tormenting my mind got better and fortunately those moments of intense pain that I experienced when I felt prisoner of an illness that did not belong to my life, so carefree and always pursuing happiness, are now just a sad memory, that however fuels my desire of not wanting it to happen again.
Working with Nicoletta Gava to try to investigate the reasons of my generalized anxiety, made me understand something that it would have been difficult to grasp on my own: anxiety, before blindly fighting it, must be understood, you must “receive” the messages that your body sends you in that specific way. Neither drugs, nor indifference nor a blind will to solve the problem without thinking (my case) would have achieved any result. Being naturally inclined to it, I think that it, anxiety, will never completely abandon me. But now I am “in contact” with it, and I have the right means and tools to interact with it, to understand it and, in other words, to manage it.
All of this would have never happened without the exceptional help of a great professional such as Nicoletta Gava”.