SINAPSI SRL doesn’t provide standard interventions; instead it tailors each intervention based on the objectives, which can be reformulated during the counseling phase, that the company expresses.
The philosophy of SINAPSI SRL applied to training
Enhancement of personal characteristics: consistently with Ericksonian philosophy, SINAPSI SRL recognizes to each environment its uniqueness and co-builds the training interventions based on the needs and objectives of the client by carefully studying  contexts,  atmospheres,  languages and  dynamics.
Improvement of people: even in difficult or conflicting moments, people in the organization use a lot of resources. SINAPSI SRL works by providing counseling and training interventions aimed to strategically orient resources in order to start and support sustainable changes.
Small impacts:Ericksonian philosophy is known for its capacity to ecologically, naturally and sustainably promote change. Forced changes can become true stalemates because they can provoke strong resistances.
SINAPSI SRL provides interventions coherent with the objectives and compatible with the identity of the company and of the values that it expresses. This logic respects all parties and makes the change applicable and sustainable.
Experiential logic:the learning process in companies aims to provide an operational knowledge that can be immediately put to use.
The interventions that SINAPSI SRL proposes are guided by the learning-by-doing logic and aim to improve the expression of people and of their skills. This approach guarantees positive effects on individuals,  workgroups and organizations.