When changes are needed, companies are often suggested to re-think the entire structure of the organization, its life, its operational style. This approach to change is very demanding both under the cognitive and emotional point of view for the people who are part of the organization. That’s why it often provokes strong resistances. Consistently with the Ericksonian philosophy, SINAPSI SRL proposes a small-impacts approach that modifies the identity of the organization and the values that it expresses without distorting them.
SINAPSI SRL offers organizational counseling services that can be provided as SUPERVISION and exchange about specific topics and projects, SKILL ENHANCEMENT, CONFLICT MANAGEMENT, ENVIRONMENTAL ANALISYS, EVALUATION SYSTEMS.
Before any intervention proposed by SINAPSI SRL, a careful assessment of the client company and of its environment is carried out in order to give value to its resources and characteristics. This analysis allows to identify the skills of the professional families and to plan development interventions. In some cases an analysis of the organizational environment carried out through the monitoring of the degree of agreement on the values and of the organizational culture may be needed in order to identify the elements that cause distress, dissatisfaction and turn-over.