Intermediate hypnosis course: conversational hypnosis or waking trance

The second level focuses entirely on techniques for personal change. Conversational Hypnosis and Waking Trance techniques will be taught; in order to use these techniques, a Relaxed state is not required and they can be used effectively during everyday life. The whole course aims to mobilize and make one’s own personal resources available. Classes are experiential.


- Exploring the right and left hemisphere: allies and rivals.
- Training to effectively use intuition.
- Developing one’s own creative thinking.
- Identifying internal and external weakening stimuli.
- Reorienting behavioral routines while interacting with one selves and with others.
- Advanced Self-Relaxation Techniques: these techniques can be used during everyday activities, without having to find an “appropriate” place or situation. They can be used to recover energies, to deal with stressful situations, to let one’s own resources flow freely.
- Bi-hemispheric Techniques: these techniques can be used to intervene on sensory stimuli to modify their perception. This activity aims to empower everyone’s skills of concentration, even in difficult situations caused by both internal or external causes.
- Visualization Techniques and the use of sub-modalities and anchors. Through these techniques, the individual can learn how to face and positively re-elaborate past or present experiences that still have a highly weakening emotional impact.
- Pain management techniques, anesthesia and desensitization

Second Level
Turin Year 2016

[ 7. 8. 9. october ]
[ 28. 29. 30. october ]


Dr. Nicoletta Gava
+39 011.536.62.34


Roberto Manzocco,
doctor in research

Luigi Odello,
university professor