Workshop on Ericksonian Hypnosis and Theatrical disciplines to enhance expressive skills.

We conceived a course that aims to identify, train and cultivate the primary skills used when speaking in front of a public. With the word “public” we don’t just refer to big publics, for instance those of a conference or of a congress, but also to occasions in which we have to talk in front of groups of people who are there to listen. Many perceive these moments as hard or feel like being unable to fully express themselves. Others feel that they could have been more effective if they had trained specific skills. This workshop is addressed to them.
Ericksonian hypnosis is an important instrument to learn to use one’s own emotional states more functionally; we chose to include the competences of those who made a career out of their expressive abilities: theatrical actors. We believe that this formula can reciprocally enhance both instruments, providing techniques and possibilities that participants will be able to use at the right moment.
The course comprises learning modules of increasing difficulty. Each one of them will be structured into two phases.
For each competence essential to public speaking the first step will consist in the understanding of the present state of each participant. At the end of each phase of the analysis the areas that will need work in order to enhance expressive skills will become clear to each participant along with the ways to continue the training, both in class, during lessons, and after the end of the workshop.
During the three days, individual or group exercises will be proposed in order to train and cultivate
emotional aspects
for instance
-overcoming the fear of speaking in public
-using one’s own emotional response as a resource to enhance communicative effectiveness
relational aspects
for instance
-learning to recognize and analyze the relational style that is most frequently used by participants in front of a public.
-deciding in what way one’s own role can be used on the basis of the kind of public
communicative aspects
for instance
-using the voice to transmit emotions
-learning to consider the body as an effective instrument to catch the attention of the public
-learning to move through space using it an aspect that sustains expressiveness.
Additionally, exercises to integrate learned skills will be proposed in order to empower and stabilize results.