Learning to make use of one’s own resources during pregnancy.

Who it is for
Expectant women or women who are thinking about having a child and everyone who professionally assists women since the moment of conception until the first months of life of the child.
Pregnancy and childbirth can be included among the most important experiences in the life of a woman, it is important to reach this moment with an appropriate mental preparation and to do so some hypnotic instruments can be learned in order to use them during
-childbirth itself
-in the following days (post-partum).
Hypnosis can help women to use their own resources at best since the moment of conception until the moment in which they will hold their baby and in the subsequent period.  
We will work together on: 
-the management of emotional aspects learning Relaxation and self-hypnosis techniques
-improving the ability to listen to ourselves and the child inside learning self-perception and body-awareness techniques
-the preparation to pain management learning Desensitization and Analgesic techniques
-learning how to manage the commitment of birth
-learning techniques that allow participants to Utilize their own emotional states at best.
The course is practical and experiential and aims to help women to learn to use their own resources at best, both on a conscious and on an unconscious level.
Individual courses can be scheduled on request.