Learning relaxation techniques, and applying them in accordance with Ericksonian methodological principles and Language, could be compared to the training of Actors in the Commedia dell’Arte.
In such kind of theatrical work, actors improvise and characters, as well as situations, are well known. However, the beauty that is created on stage by the actors’ competence, derives from their ability to improvise (an art that needs time to be developed), so that moods of the moment and events that happen unexpectedly can become active and living parts of the performance.
Similarly, Ericksonian Relaxation Techniques are never the same, they change from time to time, in order to consider what happens during everyday life, what are the different sensations that mix up, blur or scream inside of us, becoming urgent.
We think that Balance is a dynamic concept that continuously evolves, that unrelentingly has to be adjusted through micro or macro transformations that are typical of our inner world. We therefore believe that learning Relaxation Techniques structured as “recipes” cannot work in every occasion, because of the mutability of human soul. It is more important to learn basic principles, the underlying ideas which express themselves in the different Relaxation Techniques.
From this point of view, during the course different Relaxation techniques will be taught, slower ones that will generate a deeper relaxation and ultrafast ones that can be used even during the day, across different social situations. It will also be taught how to personalize every approach in order to make them especially effective for themselves.

Dr. Nicoletta Gava
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