Training Workshop

Who is it for?
Students, teachers, educators and to everyone who, for professional reasons, need to continuously study and rapidly absorb big amounts of information. Ericksonian Hypnosis and Self-Hypnosis techniques help students to use his/her own resources and possibilities in the best possible way.
During our workshops many techniques will be taught in order to:

- empower one’s own motivation to study
- improve one’s own attention threshold, so that students can be more concentrated during their activities and more able to study in environments that are not totally quiet or in which the conditions that make studying possible are absent
- learn techniques that promote information retrieval. As a matter of fact, information is often “inside of us”, but retrieving it in the exact moment in which we need it can become very hard
- learn Self-Relaxation Techniques that allow to better face study activities in the best possible condition and to rest adequately, even during the days that immediately precede exams
- learn visualization techniques that allow a good mental preparation for the moment of the exam
- learn techniques to deal with past experiences that have had a “negative” outcome. We believe that it is possible to learn from every experience, that no moment in life is completely positive or negative and that learning to overcome past failures is very important not just for activities related to study occasions, but for many others situations in life

Dr. Nicoletta Gava
+39 011.536.62.34