Fibromyalgia is a disorder which etiology is still uncertain; it is characterized by diffused muscular-skeletal pain that is often accompanied by muscular rigidity. Patients often report tiredness and insomnia too. These symptoms are however aspecific and are ascribable to different kinds of pathologies, and, because of this, patients are usually diagnosed only after a long and complicated process. This disease, and the pain that it’s connected to it, poorly responds to medicines. However in recent years, some internationally known physicians, specialized in the study of fibromyalgia, ascertained the efficacy of Ericksonian Relaxation and Hypnosis to reduce symptomatology and, therefore, proposed this kind of treatment to their patients. Therefore a part of our job is, when possible, to teach to those who are affected by fibromyalgia personalized strategies that can autonomously be used to effectively intervene on symptoms. In order to reach such objectives, we propose to fibromyalgia patients who ask help to our Institute, depending on their personal characteristics, interests and specific requests, to attend to our workshops to learn hypnosis or to start an individual counseling program in which personal difficulties can be faced and dealt with. The two options are very different and they well integrate one with the other. Until today, everyone who chose to regularly follow our program and to daily apply what they learned, report of having obtained substantial relief and improvement in their quality of life.

Dr. Nicoletta Gava
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